Patio Coatings

Patio Coatings

Give your patios the unique look of a decorative quartz finish with a polyaspartic coating. This is the industries highest quality and durable product for patio surfaces. It is 100% UV resistant, highly salt and chemical resistant and has a very high tolerance to heat. Polyaspartic patio surfaces are also highly slip resistant. This patio surface is slightly flexible which makes it perfect for any concrete because it can withstand slight movements and shifting that naturally occurs over time. This patio surface option comes available in a wide selection of colours.

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    Polyaspartic Patio Coatings

    Benefits & Features

    polyaspartic easy installation


    Fast drying time

    Single day installation

    Crystal clear finish that won’t blush from moisture in the concrete

    polyaspartic resistant floors


    100% UV ray resistant

    Highly resistant to salt, heat, oil, and scratches

    High tolerance to heat

    High stain and chemical resistance

    protective polyasparatic coatings


    Protects concrete and removes dust (all cracks and crevices can be repaired prior to application)

    Similar high abrasion and scratch resistance to polyurethane materials

    great finish


    Wide selection of colours

    Ideal texture, rough enough to be non-slip while smooth enough to facilitate maintenance

    polyasparatic flexibility


    Flexible, therefore especially suitable for concrete surfaces, as the finish can withstand slight movements

    Excellent wetting characteristics allowing for good penetration into the concrete for a strong bond

    20 year guarantee


    Our Polyaspartic floor coating comes with a 20 year manufacturer backed warranty