Whether you need cabinets to put away cleaning supplies, or slatwall to get the shovels off the ground, we have the solution for you. Need a hoist to store your kayaks on the ceiling? We have you covered.

Garage Organization - Proslat Wall

proslat wall resistant


Impact resistant

Holds up to 75 lbs per square foot

Installed directly to studs or over drywall into studs

slatwall easy maintenance


Easy to clean

Rugged, interlocking panels not affected by mold, mildew, or water

Proslat wall durable materials


Heavy-duty solid PVC wall panels made from 90% recycled materials, 2 mm thick

Patented hidden-screw design for a professional finished look

slatwall guarantee


Lifetime warranty

Made in Canada

Proslat Cabinets

C.O.R.E. is proud to offer the full line of Proslat steel cabinets. Classic, Edge, or Fusion. Which series is right for you?

Proslat Hoists

20 year guarantee


Hoist system makes for more efficient use of overhead space

Great for storing bikes, kayaks, ladders and other large, bulky items

20 year guarantee


Robust engineering allows you to lift heavy items – 100 lb capacity

20 year guarantee


Dual pulley system allows a single person to raise and lower objects with safety and ease

Solid locking mechanism prevents accidental release

20 year guarantee


Lifetime warranty

Proslat Powered Lifts

Get your gear off the floor with a click of a button! Large sporting equipment is usually the biggest challenge in the garage. THE SOLUTION, our powered hoist system.

Our selection of motorized lifts offers a range of weight bearing capacities and utilities.

Proslat Storage Elevator lifts and hoists are easy to install and permit one person to lift and lower things with ease. Motorized lifts feature a key lock switch and plug into any outlet.